The Business Technology and Services (BTAS) Conference is Australia and Asia Pacific's premiere event for dealers and resellers in the office equipment, document solutions and managed services arena. The conference brings together the best practices from experienced global leaders in our industry to help you navigate these challenges.

Leading with Services

Today’s market presents many new challenges. Both the vendors and the independent dealerships face many challenges in a changing market. You need to optimise your heritage by maximising traditional hardware revenue and profit areas. At the same time, you need to lead your businesses into the future of managed services and higher value document solutions. The BTAS Conference is designed to help you do just this.


Discover new ideas and proven best practices across every area of your business. The agenda includes thought leadership and education across all of the key elements with a broad range of topics from sales and marketing to operations and service, to cloud, mobile, document solutions and Managed Network services opportunities. The BTAS Conference education sessions are structured to give you a complete picture of what it takes to grow hardware sales and build a managed services business with a strong and sustainable recurring revenue model.


You don’t want to do this alone. That’s why the BTAS Conference includes ample opportunity to network with your peers in the industry. Get to know other dealers and vendors. Find out what’s working. Share new ideas and best practices. This event will be the catalyst for you to build new relationships, strengthen existing relationships, and meet new partners that can help you grow your success and find other dealers to support you.


Success in today’s increasingly complex market requires partners that can help. We’re excited that so many local and international companies are supporting you by sponsoring the BTAS Conference. While all of the education sessions will be content focused and not infomercials, you’ll also have the opportunity to talk with and get to know the leading industry partners in a relaxed format in between great education sessions.

Support our Industry

The BTAS Conference is the ‘independent and industry specific’ forum for dealers and resellers, for so long now lacking in the Australian and Asia Pacific market. Converging markets mean increased opportunities but they also mean new competition. The BTAS Conference is one way for you to stand together, vendor, dealer, partners, and help create the successful future we want for our industry.

Get your Tickets

Put the BTAS Conference on your calendar and make travel arrangements now. You don’t want to miss this! For more details, click on the links below.