Are You Interested in Strengthening Your Dealership?

No other forum understands your industry as well, or speaks so directly to your priorities in running a dealership as BTAS does!

Here are just a few of the current goals and challenges for dealers in the office document and technology services industry today, that BTAS will help you move forward with more strategically and more successfully.

Declining copy costs

Sessions will cover where and how emerging technology disruptors to your traditional ‘copy cost model’ can offer new opportunities for improved service delivery and profitability, as well as changes in the way pages and services will be billed to customers.

The plateau of page volumes in an increasingly digital business world

Be privy to ‘actual Australian research’ that offers the ability to drill down to specific geographical areas to see where page volumes are persisting and presenting ready to capture, as well as where the transitions to scanning and digital workflows are opening up software and document management opportunities.

Maintaining my relevance amid changing market expectations

Gain first-hand insight from respected industry minds to what are the proven execution steps and strategic elements needed to ensure businesses have the capacity, scalability, and profitability to maximise ongoing success.

Building more recurring revenue streams into my business

Learn from those with genuine experience and expertise who can show how to capture new adjacent revenue streams, and importantly, how to determine which ones are best aligned for your dealership to target.

How do you grow sales in a highly commoditised market that makes it difficult to differentiate your offerings, and even more difficult to convert in net new business?

Find out all about the new sales playbooks and how the most successful organisations are leading the market and leaving their competitors behind today.

What should you be doing to better engage your customers in stickier, more profitable and less exposed relationships?

See the leading ways being used today to target customer profiles most likely to engage with you, and how to manage relationships much closer for increased wallet share, reducing the exposure for competitors to enter.

Precisely how do you restructure your business model to be more resilient and more certain about sustainable profitability?

Understand the benchmarks and the best places to focus, how to develop new capabilities and energise the people within your business and which  steps to take that will reposition products and services aligned with today's changed market conditions.

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