Presenting at BTAS 2016

Interested in presenting at BTAS 2016?

The theme for BTAS 2016 is not yet determined, however in keeping with the tradition of the BTAS Conference, the program will focus on new content, aligning emerging products and services with growth strategies positioned at the absolute forefront of current industry best practices, thought leadership and professional research.  
In its first two years BTAS distinguished itself from other similar events by providing genuine industry educational content with no advertorial components.  To this end organisers will be requesting copies of presentations from speakers in advance of the event, to ensure this focus remains a priority.
Key program focus areas will be:
  • Managed Print Services (MPS)
  • Business Process Optimisation (BPO)
  • Document Management Solutions (DMS)
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed IT Services
It's important that all sessions have real actionable value for the different audience levels including:
  • Dealers looking to move successfully into the emerging areas AND
  • Those dealers that might already be established in emerging areas, but have not fully optimised the opportunity to date.
BTAS will focus on the HOW TO, not just the WHAT TO with new ideas, best practices, identifying opportunities, resourcing and building capacity, increasing profitability, gaining competitive advantage, identifying the right partners and developing strategies to move forward with.
Presenters might be both industry subject matter experts and/or dealers sharing actual experiences and what they’ve learned.
If you'd like more information or would like to submit an expression of interest in presenting at BTAS 2016, please email Jo Alker at