Why Attend?

Simply put, this is an event you don’t want to miss. The sessions will be full of helpful ideas and best practices that will stretch your thinking. You’ll get to network with other dealers to build helpful relationships. You’ll meet partners with innovations that could help bring your company to the next level. Need more reasons to enroll? Here are our top ten reasons you want to attend:

  1. Never before has this caliber of global industry best practice and thought leadership been brought together at one event in Australia.
  2. Our industry is at a crossroads, your future requires that you reform to move forward successfully, or fail to evolve and allow that future to be eroded out from under you. The BTAS Conference will give you a stronger footing to navigate that future.
  3. The best and most up to date education available globally in both your current and evolving industry areas.
  4. Network with fellow dealers, the perfect forum to learn, share, and develop together.
  5. Meet the leading local and international resource partners you’ll need, all in one place.
  6. Discover the competitive advantage you’ve been searching for.
  7. Speak with a host of leading overseas presenters and services partners and find out more about what has occurred in major markets like the US and Europe, and how those things will likely play out here in Australia and the Asia Pacific.
  8. Ask questions one on one with Bob Goldberg, senior general counsel with BTA in the US, about any legal or convergent industry concerns you might want to explore.
  9. Support our industry, and play your part in determining it’s future.

Put BTAS 2016 on your calendar and make travel arrangements. You don’t want to miss this! For more details, click on the links below.